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Destination Services

Interstate Relocation Services' relocation counselors take great care to understand the expectations of relocating employees and provide Top Hat Service. By conducting a detailed client assessment process, our counselors help transferring employees not only find the perfect home but also acclimate to a new area.

Our destination services include home finding assistance, mortgage counseling, family transition assistance, elder care, mentor programs, and concierge services. We act as a single point of contact to answer all questions, address any concerns, and clarify your company’s relocation policy and procedures.

With our comprehensive menu of destination services, we will:

  • Respond to general relocation questions, such as finding a new home, mortgage assistance, and temporary housing
  • Coordinate tours to acclimate the candidate with their new assignment area
  • Develop relocation estimates for recruiters and hiring managers
  • Counsel relocating employees on the benefits and services we are providing to them on behalf of their employer
  • Review company policies and procedures in order to counsel each employee on all sections that apply to them
  • Counsel the employee on the relocation process, assess individual employee needs, and explain employee relocation benefits
  • Provide an electronic employee relocation package containing an introductory letter, contact information, service descriptions, program forms, and procedures
  • Coordinate all accepted program services on behalf of the employee
  • Notify company representative of policy exception requests, with recommendation for review and advisement
  • Keep in regular communication with the employee during each stage of the process

Complete Destination Services

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