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How to Improve Your Employees' Experience

The blossoms of spring and the glory of summer are right around the corner. With the changes in the weather comes the awakening of the seasonal real estate market and the rush to relocate employees. Summer, the peak moving season, is by far the busiest time of the year in the Relocation industry. Managing the transferee's experience becomes much more difficult during these busy months.

Below are great ways to help ensure a smooth relocation:

Let Them Know They Are Not Alone
Interstate's certified relocation professionals can help guide your employees through their relocation with as little disruption as possible. Our Relocation Counselors will discuss their relocation benefits, timelines, budget and provide cost saving strategies.

Make Their Dollars Go Further
Moving during the peak season equates to buying airline tickets during Thanksgiving! There are a finite number of trucks and movers available and they are priced at a premium during the summer. For those with lump sum policies, relocation benefits will stretch further if the transferee is able to avoid moving in the peak season.

Help Their Families Transition Easier
Many people want to wait until the end of the school year to move families. We frequently advise families with younger children who do not have to worry about the stress of finals and end of the year exams to move before school ends. This will give the children an opportunity to meet other kids at school and on their bus to help jumpstart their transition. There is nothing fun about having children around the house with no one to play with all summer long!

Minimize Stress
Every major van line will start to black out dates when they hit summer capacity. If the family is moving during this time, advance planning is a must. The earlier the move is booked, the more likely they can move on their preferred date.

Now is the time to review your relocation practices and policies to make sure they are designed to facilitate the relocation process. Interstate can suggest simple changes to your policy that will make the process smoother and less cumbersome for your employees---without significant impact to your relocation budget.