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Relocation Counselors - Lifestyle Matchmakers

Picture the employment candidate of your dreams - the perfect fit of skills and personality to round out one of your teams - except they currently live in an area far different from your location. Then imagine the candidate's reaction when they come to interview with your company in its suburban or urban community where they realize that they are not only going to face the challenge of transitioning to a new job, but also find major changes to their lifestyle, community, and vastly different cost/space factors. This scenario, if not managed correctly, can result in a failed relocation rather than a happy new team member.

Our job as Relocation Counselors is to help the candidate find a way to make the perfect match by aligning, as much as possible, a candidate's job and lifestyle expectations. We use our detailed Needs Analysis with the candidate to customize an Area Orientation that will showcase the candidate's preferences that have been shared with us - including housing, commute, economic limitations, family priorities and even cultural challenges.

Yes, there is an additional cost to Area Orientation, but when you weigh the cost of the orientation against a potential loss of $76,000 in a failed orientation; the $800 is well spent. Contact us to help you make the perfect match with your next candidate.